I am making a quick post here with some updates. It looks like I finally got my blog set up to how I want it. It has been a work in progress. I am making great strides for 2016.

  1. Opening a store in my home
  2. Participating in more vendor events
  3. Sent out for my business license
  4. Sneak peak at new catalogs coming in the next few weeks

I will try to keep you updated about the going on of Jennifer’s Yourself Expression. Just remember you do not have to be good at what you do, as long as you enjoy what you do. While you are on my page, please take a look – I have add up coming events, I am participating in, and allow for shopping online if not local.

This was a quick post to at least have something here for all to see when you stop by. Please leave your comments below, and follow me, thank you!